How to learn a language by watching movies 

How to learn a language by watching movies 

Who says learning a language is all but boring? Certainly not me. In my opinion, having fun while learning another language is much more effective. Hence, my favorite way of doing so is watching movies. But how exactly do you learn a language by watching movies. We’ll find out in this article.

1/ Genre

That movie must be of any of your genre of interests. That is because you will not understand them after just a single time of watching and watching an entire movie you don’t like is painful enough, let alone watching it again.

2/ Sound and subtitle

It is better if the sound of the movie is in your target language. In this way, you will hear how the actors pronounce the word and know their way of speaking the language.

The space between us

As for subtitle, at first, you should set subtitle in your native language. By doing this, you will understand the general idea of the movie and maybe remember some memorable lines of it. Then for the second time, you can set the subtitle to your target language and learn the language much faster as you already understand the storyline.

3/ Repeat

If there is any phrase that are easy to remember or you just like it so much, repeat it out loud as many times as you want. This will serve as an example sentence and it will linger in your head for much longer. You can also remember some grammatical structure in those phrases much better.

4/ Where to watch

There are a lot of sites that allow you to stream for free. For example, this site allows me to watch the space between us full movie free of charge. It has helped my language learning process a lot and I think I’ll continue to use it for a long time.

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